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Monday, October 14, 2013

Reader Question

Here is a question from one of my readers.  Do you have any advice for her?
Interested to hear from other offices how they manage denied claims. No detail is too small, from how you physically organize the paperwork to who in the office does this work.

We recently had a staff member leave who was in charge of researching and correcting denied claims. One of my jobs is posting payments and I would give her a copy of anything that needed to be looked at. I am a coder as well although this is not my primary job.

We found mountains of paperwork on her desk including the RAs I had given her to research months ago and money is being recouped from as far back as 2011! 

For now, it has fallen to me to sort this out and handle current denied claims. How do I stay on top of the new denied claims when half the time, I don't know why it was denied? I can see how her work piled up as it did, intentions are good but the denials are piling up faster than I can solve them.